Under Graduate Courses    
1) B.Tech. in Civil Engineering  
2) B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering  
3) B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering  
4) B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering  
5) B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering  
6) B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering  
Post Graduate Courses    
1) M.E. in Industrial Engineering and Management  
2) M.E. in Computer Aided Structural Design and Drafting  
3) M.E. in Electronics & Communication Engineering (Digital Communication)  
4) M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering (Specliation in Environmental Management)  
Part-Time Degree Courses    
1) Part Time Degree Course in Civil Engineering  
2) Part Time Degree course in Mechanical Enginering  
3) Part Time Degree Course in Electrical Engineering